Forest Demos

by Atoms Apart

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    some older demos predating our first album. They aren't perfect, but you can see where we were going with this.

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released March 10, 2011

Mike - vocals, guitars, synth
Emil - vocals, synth, drums, programming
Tini - piano



all rights reserved


Atoms Apart Arlington, Virginia

Brothers Mike and Emil Favila are an electronic pop duo from Washington DC. They write, perform and record all their own music, lyrics and videos. Their sound has been compared to bands like Postal Service, M83 and New Order. Their debut album White Label is out now on Bandcamp, Itunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3 and all major digital outlets. ... more


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Track Name: Less
Wonder aloud about the tinge I feel
The static I store within my wrists
Sprinting the city now I see you briefly
I can't be quiet - can't be still

Don't have to be a mess
You are my skin
Without you i am less
I hold you in

Could not survive a wreck
You are my sin
Without you, I'm the rest
I hold you in

The buzzing inside my chest just feels like bees
Been failing to jar it up for weeks
If I could relay to you the waves I feel
They threaten to drown me, hold my breath
Track Name: Planetarium
each dot of you
a particle comes through
they fade the lights
for us only - this room

a lonely moon peeks through
easily, for you and me
the room goes dark
your fingers trace the way

it whirs so loud, the spin of the machine
makes me the little kid i've always been
the dome just disappears
we stare up, a sky of mirrors
without the atmosphere somehow we breathe

well i see you in stars
the constellations part
well i see you in stars
the brightest point of light

and though we are still worlds apart from here
the galaxy is not enough for me

your silhouette, the lights cannot repeat
a pantomime of hands across the sheet
sink in the chairs till you
see satellites reveal to you
you hesitate
but i'm prepared to wait
Track Name: Oceans
When all the city's dark
When all the sirens stop
drive on with the high beams on
i never ask aloud

The miles and minutes separate
Within this place I’ll wait, I’ll wait
you've never needed rescuing
the tide is low
lets walk in

The ocean knows
what you withhold
let go
I want the rest of you

you never mention wars you lost
when all the shooting stopped
the decade where you came apart
but you've kept count
of hidden scars

i want to know of every snow
of every shouting episode
you've kept afloat with air you own
but take my hand
don't swim alone

at night, give in
you cry so soon
if you have to be
then i'll be with you
Track Name: Isis
I'll never be home without you
I want to be whole again
i'll never be home without you
our eyes in the darkness
but where do we start?

meant it when i said i had to lie about
the words i had to keep
the shouting in my sleep

glaciers in my bed drove you away again
can you come back tonight?
a fire left to say

used to tracing out the lines of sand myself
it's raining on my hair
There's paper everywhere

we can't start now
and all because
the world won't pause
to mourn our loss

will i see you?
Track Name: So Far Away
standing next to you
it never seemed a boring thing to do
we would pass a word between us every hour
sentences just seemed to flower

no one searched for me
the waves abated when you'd count to 3
even when your house was continents apart
your letters filled me up

we live so half awake
i want to take you so far away
with everything to prove
I want to take you so far away

but every time we change our hearts in the dark
all i want to do is live by the waves
if i could set the way
i want to take you so far away

grow tall with you
a lottery of sorts i entered through
tossing paper airplanes through the night
we'd both turn off our lights

morse code melodies
encoding every song you hummed for me
and even though the skies were kept by you alone
this time i'll hold my own

but can't change the way i've seen
hurricanes can't change their flow
even though we both have compasses
i am lost without

plan cautiously
your chutes and ladders shatter carelessly
even though you've always been the stronger one
i know that things go wrong
Track Name: You (Punk Mix)
when i first heard you speak
a sirena at sea
all my movements had ceased
an anchored fleet

every boat now would stop
halting waves in the dark
cannot move
even when i chose

in the three weeks we've seen
marionette i have been
but your toys never sleep
a broken beat

nights begin, waltzes start
cut the strings, fall apart
moving to
any song you choose

its something that you left me
its something that you wrote me
abandon what i said

you whisper it so gently
this echo that you left me
decaying in my legs, my chest, my head
it's so good.

in the space that we keep
cipher words that you speak
so your heart stays a glyph
that i can't read